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Highlights of history at Tismana

Some historical elements of Tismana settlement:

The village of Tismana was first certified through the charter from 1385 by the ruler of that time, Dan I, and in the documents from the XV-XV centuries we find recorded “the town from Tismana” which indicates an early development of one of the constitutive element of the urban society in this area.

But some research made by historians an other scientists (ethnologists, folklorists, biologists), has shown a fact that can’t be denied, the word “tismana” has traco-geto-dacic origin. To be more exact,the old name Tismena or Tizmena has a traco-dacic root “tis” “dis” which means “fortress” or “fortified city” to which was added the indo-european suffix “men(a)” and tizmena was the result which means city fortified with a wall in the middle ages.