National Center for Tourism Information and Promotion TISMANA

Protected Natural Areas

Near the city there is a large number of protected natural areas and natural monuments:

PIATRA ANDREAUA natural reserve

in Sohodol, it has a total area of 1,00 ha. Excepting the special geological considerations, we can find here rare species of plants and animals and glacial relics.

The springs of Izvarna natural reserve

in Izvarna village with a total area of 500,00 ha. It has four big springs (Vaucluzian springs called by the locals “bâlbãros”) and Sohodol valley of Izvarna with endemic flora and fauna. There is a rare flower growing here called “ghimpele” (“thorn”) which has medicinal properties.


Tismanella chappuisi

Tismanella chappuisi – Endemic Coleopterus polyphagus

with a total area of 10,00 ha. It’ s located in the north of Topesti village on Gura Plaiului hill, it’s a speleological wonder with a length of approx. 150 m. It is a natural monument but it’s not prepared at this moment to receive touristic visits, only equipped speleologists being able to descend the 8 meters deep sinkhole. It houses a very rare endemic species of coleopterans called Tismanella chappuisi.

Botanic natural reserve “COTUL CU ALUNI” (Hazelnuts’ Bend)

belonging to the town of Tismana with an area of 25,00 ha, the only forest in which the turkish nut tree grows on a wide area. In the same place there is a forest called Eroni, in south, with edible hazelnuts and chestnut trees. The reservation is in the neighborhood of this forest. On the cliffs of this reserve we can find a beautiful forest of lilac flowers.

The botanic natural reserve “CIOCLOVINA”

near Tismana with an area of 12,00 ha. Is situated in the vicinity of the forest district. Near it we can find: in north beech and fir forests, age 60-70 years;in south pocruia forest; in east beech and lime forests, age 50-60 years; in west beech and fir trees among others, 70-150 years old, owned by the Forest District of Tismana.

Pocruia-Tismana FOREST

  it’s a protected area of around 52 ha. Where we can find edible chestnut trees, also being a scientific reserve and we can also find beech and oak trees.


belonging to Tismana and Pades village with an area of 280,00 ha, it’s the highest peak in the Vâlcan mountains (1946 m). It has steep cliffs, plains with diversified flora with Nigritella nigra and Daphne cnemorum species.